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Jay Daugherty Former Administrative Law Judge and Circuit Judge for 20 years, brings judicial neutrality, relentless energy, and a passion for mediation and arbitration to his full-time Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice. Experience.   As a Circuit Judge, Jay tried hundreds of jury trials, thousands of court trials, and conducted mediations in nearly every area of civil practice. Relentless Passion.   "My mediation goals extend beyond merely achieving a resolution of the case.  Disputes are also about emotion.  Mediation results should please clients and clients should leave the mediation with an enhanced regard for their attorneys."  - Jay Daugherty Commitment to Mediation.   From 1995-2000, Jay chaired the Supreme Court Committee on ADR, helping create Missouri's modern court-initiated mediation system. In 2000, he served as Missouri's representative to the national Summit of the States on Dispute Resolution.  Since 2009, he has served as Chair of the Supreme Court Commission on ADR.  The Commission is currently in the process of revising Rule 17. Training and Education.  Jay Daugherty is one of the few judges in the country to receive a Masters in the Judiciary. He studied mediation at the National Judicial College, at the National Center for State Courts, and at the University of Missouri School of Law. He studied "guerilla mediation" under the tutelage of Robert Benjamin and completed training in arbitration through the ABA's Dispute Resolution Section.  On numerous occasions, Jay has taught mediation, ADR and judicial settlement techniques to judges at the Missouri Judicial College and to attorneys throughout the state. Jay Daugherty Named to the International Academy of Mediators  Read More Jay Daugherty Mediation & Arbitration Opens New ADR Conference Center Read More Jay Daugherty Named to Best Lawyers in America. Read More Jay Daugherty Selected by the American Arbitration Association to serve as one of its Arbitrators. Read More.
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News Jay Daugherty Named 2017 “Mediator of the Year” by Best Lawyers…   Read More Jay Daugherty Named Top Rated ADR Professional in Kansas City    Read More Kansas City's New Mayor Selects Former Circuit Judge Jay Daugherty to the Blue Ribbon Pension Reform Task Force.  Read more Jay A. Daugherty, Circuit Judge (1991-2011) joins Shaffer Lombardo Shurin effective January 1, 2011.  Read more... Supreme Court of Missouri announces the appointment of The Honorable Jay Daugherty as Chairman of the Commission on Alternative Dispute Resolution Read more... Jay A. Daugherty elected Chairman of the Board of the national ALS Association, a charity dedicated to fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Read more... Circuit Judge Named Kentucky Colonel.  Read more...
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Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.  As a peacemaker the lawyer has a most superior opportunity of being a good man." ~ Abraham Lincoln