“When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?” - Benjamin Franklin


Arbitration is a procedure in which a neutral third-party listens to both sides of a dispute and decides the matter.

The parties form an agreement selecting the method of determining the Arbitrator, or Arbitrators, and the rules under which the Arbitrator conducts the procedure.

Parties involved in arbitration are effectively opting out of the court system and submitting their case for resolution and final decision by an Arbitrator.

Arbitration is generally faster, less expensive and more informal than going to court. It is also private and confidential. The parties generally share the cost of arbitration equally.

The Arbitrator’s decision is as binding on the parties as a court judgment, and the courts can enforce an Arbitrator’s decision if necessary.

Our ADR professionals have conducted numerous arbitration hearings nationally, regionally and locally, making decisions and entering “reasoned awards” in most substantive areas of the law.

All of our Arbitrators have been AAA Arbitrators and/or also designated as Arbitrators for other national arbitration organizations or, as former judges, have tried hundreds of court cases which are substantially similar to arbitrations.

They have conducted arbitration hearings in the areas of construction law, tort claims, condemnations, real estate, commercial litigation, and insurance law, to name just a few.

All of them have completed certification courses in arbitration by the American Arbitration Association (AAA).

    Arbitration Fees

    The billing rate for our Arbitrators ranges from $350 to $525 per hour for all services relating to arbitration. Arbitrations requiring travel outside of the metropolitan area may require additional fees and expenses.

    Generally, travel time is billed at one-half of the hourly rate plus any reasonable travel related expenses. In such cases, additional fees will be determined at the time of engagement or as they are incurred. The parties to the case will share equally all arbitration fees and expenses unless otherwise agreed or as determined in the Award.

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