Special Master

“Our mediation goals extend beyond merely achieving a resolution of the case. Disputes are also about emotion. Results of the mediation should please the clients --- and clients should leave the mediation with an enhanced regard for their attorneys.” - Jay Daugherty, Founder

What is a Special Master?

In the law of the United States, a Special Master is generally a subordinate official appointed by a judge to make sure that judicial orders are actually followed, or in the alternative, to hear evidence on behalf of the judge and make recommendations to the judge as to the disposition of a matter.

Special/Discovery Master

The court appoints qualified individuals to be Special Masters, discovery masters or condemnation commissioners, usually after receiving a recommendation from counsel that the appointment would aid the parties and the court in processing the case to a timely resolution. The parties should generally agree with the court on the specific master that the court appoints. This ensures the master and the parties will have a good working relationship.

Our ADR professionals all have Special Master experience having been appointed a Special Master in both the Missouri and Kansas State and Federal courts.

Mass Tort Allocation Master

Our ADR professionals have served as allocation masters on a variety of multiparty cases, including mass tort cases.

This process occurs after a settlement has been reached and the judge or attorneys select the Allocation Master to develop criteria and case evaluation parameters to decide how to apportion large settlements among hundreds or thousands of potential claimants.

Special Master, Discovery Master and Commissioner Fees

Our ADR professionals have billing rates that range from $350 to $525 per hour for the performance of master services. For master services requiring travel to the site of a deposition outside of the metro area, we will determine additional fees or expenses for traveling, if any, at the time of the engagement, or when the need arises during the course of a case. 

The parties to the case will share equally all master fees and expenses unless otherwise agreed. The court can and sometimes will determine fees in this area. To inquire about our availability to serve as a Special Master, Discovery Master or Condemnation Commissioner, please contact us directly.


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